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Pussy Saga

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Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored

Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored is a anime and hentai porn dating SIM gamers can play at Nutaku. Basically you create a character and work to impress the horny hentai girls of Crush Crush by boosting your stats, getting jobs, and earning promotions. Take these hot sluts on romantic dates and sweep them off their feet with thoughtful gifts. Work your way up from friendship, to Crush, and finally a sexual lover! In no time your character will be receiving blowjobs and fucking tight anime pussy. How much fun is that? Way better than watching porn videos! You ready? PLAY CRUSH CRUSH ADULT DATING SIM NOW

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Flower Knight Girl

One millennium ago a massive tragedy ripped apart the hentai porn World of Spring Garden, when The Harbinger of Doom turned happy insects into the Pugnacious Pests.

Flower Knight Girl is an action adventure role playing game or porn RPG putting YOU in charge of the Flower Knight Girls, and they are fucking horny πŸ™‚ Build squads of Flower Knights, evolve them, equip them with powerful things and pit them against the insects that took over this once peaceful world.

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Kanpani Girls SFW Game

Did you know Nutaku has SFW games too? Lead a hentai girls mercenary company through a very dangerous world of conflict, calamity and war! In Kanpani Girls hentai SFW game you will lead of a group of warrior girls battling for gold, glory, and renown. Winning will require you to manage your gold wisely. Only a skilled leader can rise from weak merchant to full blown Lord of War. Hire freelance adventures to fill your girl army, build workshops to produce magical items, then take your team onto the field to face down dark magicians and hideous monsters of legend. Play Kanpani Girls now!

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Idol Wars Z

The sexiest hentai idol group (of sluts) in Japan will do whatever it takes (blowjobs, sex, facial cumshots) to find a Manager that will make them famous and lead them to the top of the music charts. Think you can do it? During Idol Wars Z porn game play you will find, train, and FUCK ambitious hentai sluts that dream of becoming pop stars. They need your leadership, battling rival bands in Dreamfest competitions and producing the greatest all-girl act in Japan. If you succeed you can expect fame and fortune…and β€œspecial” performances by grateful girls as a thank you for make them famous! PLAY IDOL WARS Z NOW

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Big Bang Empire

Big Bang Empire is an exhilarating adult porn game from Nutaku Sex Games that sends gamers on a mission to build an adult porn studio and become a XXX superstar! First create your character, then choose your sexual skills and climb the industry latter from fluffer to AVN Awards red carpet porn star πŸ˜›

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Big Bang Empire

Big Bang Empire

Big Bang Empire

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